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Feel free to read short description about me.

My name is Shaun Collins and I am self taught software engineer and freelance developer.

I have been building Websites and applications for several years and working on a wide range of technologies and projects from PHP development for E-Commerce 🛒 platforms to modern mobile and web applications in React, Angular, Express and Node.

I started my working career in the British Army joining the Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Engineers at Dover Barracks and went on to serve in just about every continent on earth meeting many different people and experiencing the many cultures that come with that.

After leaving the army several years later I went on to serve in a private capacity for several governments and agencies but still in the security business. About 4 years ago after being wounded I decided to try something different, something constructive and after buying my first laptop I decided to teach myself to code.

My other interests include Rugby Union 🏉, Rock Climbing ⛰ and on occasion packing my rucksack and getting back to nature!

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